The EMSIS range of digital imaging systems provides a complete solution to digital imaging for SEM and TEM. EMSIS is the successor of the well-known Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (OSIS) GmbH. ISS offer the EMSIS product range which includes previous and newly released TEM camera models, imaging software for TEM, services and training.


This camera combines a large, fast and sensitive CCD chip with a high readout speed to give exceptional quality imaging with high frame rates and a large field of view.


The Veleta is ideally suited to both materials science and life sciences applications and operates seamlessly with the iTEM Tomography software.

MegaView G3

The MegaView G3 is Emsis’ latest generation of versatile, reliable side-entry TEM camera system.

The MegaViewG3 is equipped with a 2.8 megapixel CCD chip. Achieves more than 55 frames per second at full resolution. 160 frames per second at binning 5 x and fast data transfer guaranteed by using USB 3.0.

RADIUS – EM Imaging Software

RADIUS is visionary software for electron microscopy (EM) requirements both today and tomorrow. This most modern EM imaging software is the perfect interface between microscope, camera and specimen. As the central integrator, RADIUS guides you systematically through every working step with clearly-organized layouts and defined workflows – starting with system control, moving on to image capture and further processing, finally covering documentation and distribution of the results