RMC Products

RMC Products offer a wide range of TEM, AFM and light microscopy sample preparation techniques for both biological and materials science applications.

PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotome

Touch screen PC controlled ultramicrotome with live video image and intuitive software interface giving total control over all sectioning parameters

FS-8500 Freeze Substitution System

The FS-8500 freeze substitution system is designed with operator safety and convenience in mind when carrying out routine operations such as low temperature embedding.

GKM-2 Glass Knife Maker

A load indicating digital readout and micrometer positioning ensure reproducible knife quality and consistent breaking with the GKM-2.

CR-X Cryosectioning System

The CR-X is a compact cryosectioning attachment, which converts almost any ultramicrotome into a cryoultramicrotome within seconds. The 9 litre Dewar is small enough to fit on a tabletop but provides enough liquid nitrogen for a full day’s sectioning.

PT-X and PT-XL PowerTome

PowerTome ultramicrotome with separate touch button controller featuring 4 memory storage channels for frequently used settings.

EMP-5160 Automated Tissue Processor

The EMP-5160 automatic tissue processor carries out automatic processing and embedding of tissues prior to sectioning.

CRT-900 Cryosectioning System

The CRT-900 is an easily installed attachment to convert the RMC MT-990 and Microm rotary microtomes to allow cryosectioning of samples.

MT-990 Motorised Precision Microtome

The MT-990 is a universal heavy-duty microtome which is suited to both histopathology and materials research applications.

HPM-010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

The HPM-010 has been installed in over 100 laboratories worldwide and gives reproducible freezing results for a wide range of specimen types.

QG-3100 Automated TEM Stainer

The QG-3100 is an automated programmable stainer for use with heavy metal salts such as lead citrate and uranyl acetate.

MR-3 Motorised Microtome

The MR-3 motorised microtome can be operated with either a manual or motorised cutting stroke and features a balanced handwheel.

MR-2 Manual Microtome

The MR-2 is a manually operated rotary microtome with a balanced handwheel and footswitch control for fast trimming of specimens.

RMC Diamond Knives

A range of Diamond Knives for routine ultramicrotomy in various styles for ultrathin, semi-thin, cryo dry and cryo wet sectioning of both materials and biological samples.