Fischione Products

Fischione company produces advanced microscopy and nanotechnology solutions for the global scientific community. Its broad range of products includes ion beam sample preparation systems, conventional specimen preparation devices, specimen holders, and contamination solutions.

Model 2550 Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder

  • For tomography and single particle cryo-EM
  • User friendly ┬áspecimen loading mechanism
  • Drift rate 1.5nm/minute below -175 C

Model 1051 TEM

  • High energy operation for rapid milling; low energy operation for specimen polishing
  • Two independent, adjustable ion sources
  • Ion source has┬ásmall beam diameter (100 eV to 10 KeV)
  • Continuously adjustable milling angle (-15 to +10 degrees)

Model 1040 Nanomill

Nanomill TEM Specimen preparation system

  • Ultra-low energy ion source
  • concentrated ion beam
  • removes amorphous and implanted layers
  • ideal for post-focused ion beam processing and milling of conventionally prepared specimens
  • liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen stage

Model 2020 Advanced Tomography Holder


  • Ideal for room-temperature electron tomography
  • Easy specimen loading
  • High-tilt angles and field of view

1070 NanoClean

  • Cleans specimens, holders, mounts
  • No change to composition or structure
  • Multiple gas inlets with mixing capabilities

Model 200 Dimple Grinder

  • Prethins specimens for ion milling
  • Polish specimens to electron transparency
  • Precise indication of specimen thickness