ISS Group Services represent PEMTRON in the UK. The PEMTRON PS series of SEM’s offer excellent performance and value.

PS Series Models:


– PS-210 Compact Desk Top Mini-SEM (NEW)

– PS-230 High Performance Compact SEM

– PS-250 Analytical Compact-SEM

PS-210 Desktop SEM (NEW)

The new PS-210 is an ideal system for teaching, busy multi-user laboratories and for quality control laboratories where time to data is a key consideration. Fast and powerful the PS-210 offers high quality SE and BSE imaging with an ultimate SE resolution of 5nm making it a class leader in desktop imaging. With a wide range of accelerating voltages from 0.5kV to 30kV (30 steps), magnification ranging from 30x to 100,000 x and options for EDX systems, the PS-210 is a powerful microscope that fits into a very small space. Reliable auto functions, a five-axis motor stage, fast loading and imaging times make this an SEM well worth considering for a multitude of applications.

PS-230 and PS-250 SEM’s

The PS series offer all the performance (such as resolution, range of accelerating voltage) of full sized-SEMs but are also compatible with a wide range of accessory options. Options for PEMTRON SEM systems include; BSE, EDS, WDS, EBSD systems from various suppliers. The PS SEMs are small in footprint, easy to use and economical to own. PEMTRON SEMs are available with either a manual or an automated stage.

PEMTRON 230 and 250

Typical options PS-230 and PS-250;

Low Vacuum option for charge suppression and examination of uncoated samples

Back Scatter Electron Detectors eg. Solid-State or Robinson for examination of materials with varying atomic number

Sputter Coater

Consumables can also be supplied

We are always happy to discuss your applications needs for your SEM.