PNDetector have released their Advanced STEM and Switchable Gain Advanced BSD modules with excellent performance enhancements over their traditional counterparts. They can be purchased as a complete system (including retractable arm, pre-amplifier and software) to seriously upgrade your electron microscopy capabilities.

Switchable Gain Advanced BSD

Why compromise? With the ability to switch between high speed and high gain modes, you can easily search a sample for areas of interest, then analyse them in fine detail. The Switchable Gain Advanced BSD Detector is a real game changer!

In “Fast” mode, you can traverse your sample at TV speeds, whilst maintaining excellent resolution and signal-noise ratio.

In “High Gain” mode, obtain detailed scans of the area of interest with accelerating voltages down to 500eV with perfect clarity.


Advanced STEM

With a fast response time of <30ns, Integrated 16-channel pre-amplifier, and compatibility with all of PNDetector’s STEM chips, it’s easy to find the perfect setup for your application, whether it be STEM in TEM or SEM.

Their range of STEM chips provide Bright Field, ADF (Annular Dark Field), and HAADF (High Angle Annular Dark Field) imaging capabilities, and full sensitivity over a range of 5 to 300 keV, as well as enabling high quality differential phase contrast measurements.

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