Hitachi S-3400N SEM

Microscope Specifications:

Resolution: 3.0 nm at 30 kV, 10 nm at 3 kV

Accelerating Voltage: 0.3 to 30 kV

Magnification: 5x to 300,000x

Specimen Stage: PC-controlled five axis motorised stage

Source: Tungsten Filament

Imaging modes: SE Detector

OS: Windows XP

External Detectors: BSE Detector, Oxford Instruments X-Max 20mm2 EDX Detector

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The Hitachi S-3400N is a PC controlled, variable pressure SEM that was released around 2007. Pre-fitted with an Oxford Instruments X-Max EDX detector, it is suitable for both high-resolution imaging and x-ray microanalysis of a wide range of sample types.