Hitachi S-4700 Cold FEG SEM

Microscope Specifications:

Age: Circa 1996

Resolution: 1.5 nm at 15 kV, 2.1 nm at 1 kV

Accelerating Voltage: 0.5 to 30 kV (in 100 V steps)

Specimen Stage: PC-controlled five axis motorised stage

Imaging modes: Two SE detectors: one above the objective lens, the other below

OS: Windows XP

External Detectors: None


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The Hitachi S-4700 is a cold field emission scanning electron microscope (Cold FEG-SEM), capable of high resolution imaging and specimen topography studies in the range of mm to nm. Under optimal working conditions, it can magnify images upwards of 500,000 times and resolve features down to 1.5 nm. The cold FE gun produces high brightness with little energy spread and typically has a longer lifetime than a Schottky emitter.


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